About Us

At OBLIC, our mission is to protect lawyers and their clients. Our mission is founded on the following:

  • Value: OBLIC meets the needs of our policyholders by providing the right coverage with the right service at the right price.
  • Service: OBLIC’s personal, prompt service educates our insureds while anticipating and responding to their needs.
  • Availability: Since 1979, OBLIC has been writing Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance and will continue to provide an unparalleled product in the future.
  • Integrity: OBLIC earns the trust of our policyholders, their clients, and the legal community by honoring our commitments and providing unparalleled service backed by financial strength.
  • Partner with the Ohio State Bar Association: Through our alignment with the OSBA, OBLIC enhances the professional life of the legal community by handling claims ethically, supporting the OSBA and participating in their initiatives.

OBLIC’s record of profitable operations is impressive, having consistently surpassed industry standards while achieving an unsurpassed capital adequacy ratio.  In recognition of this steady performance and our financial strength, A.M. Best Company has consistently assigned OBLIC a rating of A (“Excellent”).

OBLIC’s policyholders are extremely loyal and express high appreciation for the quality of our claims service. Claims are processed by long-tenured attorneys from start to finish. OBLIC has a history of offering loss control seminars in partnership with the Solo, Small Firms & General Practice Section of the OSBA. We also provide customers with Malpractice Alert! newsletters and with other literature pertinent to loss control (such as free copies of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct).

OBLIC Home OfficeHistory

OBLIC was incorporated on December 5, 1978 and commenced operations on September 1, 1979. The company was formed in response to an ongoing insurance crisis among Ohio attorneys. Commercial carriers had been withdrawing from the lawyer’s professional liability (LPL) insurance market at the time, and prices for coverage were increasing rapidly.

Initially, OBLIC’s stock was sold to Ohio attorneys and law firms, although specific shares were issued only to the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA). In 1998, the shares were redeemed at a price much greater than the original purchase price. Today, the OSBA is the sole shareholder.

OBLIC owns its facility with their headquarters located at 1650 Lake Shore Drive, Columbus, Ohio, the companion to the OSBA headquarters building.

Our Stability & Strength

OBLIC is dedicated to protecting Ohio lawyers and their clients. Experience why OBLIC protects more Ohio attorneys than any of its competitors, and has for over three decades! Our legendary stability and strength is illustrated by the following:

  • Rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., the nationally recognized insurance rating service
  • Owned by the Ohio State Bar Association
  • Providing lawyers’ professional liability insurance in Ohio continually since 1979
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