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Article: January 8, 2016  |  Malpractice Alerts

Lest we sound like a broken record, we’ll beg your attention once more!  Internet scams are still out there!  Hardly a day goes by without Ohio attorneys receiving an email from at least one purported client requesting assistance collecting a debt.

The typical scam involves a purported client asking an attorney to try to collect a significant debt and usually requests an attorney to deposit a large check in the attorney’s trust account, deduct the attorney’s fees and send a check from the attorney’s trust account for the balance to a third party.  This process uses your legitimate trust account (and any monies therein) as a clearing-house for a typically fraudulent check.

If you have ANY  questions at all whether something is a scam, please do not hesitate to call the OBLIC Hotline.

Recently, these scams have “gone local.”  Visit the OBLIC website to learn more.  https://www.oblic.com/resource-articles/oblic-alerts/2015/08/19/scams-have-gone-local/

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