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OSBA Introduces “Ohio Docs”
Post on April 1st, 2011

The Ohio State Bar Association recently introduced its newest member service, OhioDocs, a library of thousands of legal documents and forms that have been automated using technology known as HotDocs. These templates allow lawyers to insert pertinent client information and automatically create customized documents. This new OSBA member service will provide increased efficiency and accuracy in the production of many legal documents and forms.

Phase 1 of the OhioDocs library includes documents and forms from the areas of family law, probate and real estate, as well as business forms from the Secretary of State and general practice forms. For one low annual subscription fee, which is based on number of attorneys in the firm, OSBA members can access the entire library of automated legal documents. Subscription rates start at $195 for a solo attorney.

The documents provided in Phase 1 of OhioDocs have been selected by an advisory committee of OSBA members. Working with its committees and sections, the OSBA plans to expand the OhioDocs library with additional documents that have been created and/or approved by the advisory committee. The OSBA also offers online customer support for OhioDocs materials.

“OhioDocs will help OSBA members increase productivity, lower costs, minimize errors, improve document consistency and better serve their clients. Our members have been asking for automated forms, and OhioDocs should exceed their expectations,” said Carmen V. Roberto, OSBA president.

OSBA members wanting to purchase a subscription or more information may visit the OSBA website at www.ohiobar.org, then click on OhioDocs, or they can call the OSBA Member Service Center at 1-800-232-7124.