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Hotline Questions – Retirement Registration Status
Post on October 7th, 2021

Retirement” means something different to each attorney.  OBLIC insured attorneys often call the Hotline to ask what Attorney Registration Status to select when they are retiring.  The Answer depends on what the attorney wants to do.

Here are options if attorney wants to:

Continue to work “part-time” at current firm:


Become “Of Counsel” at current firm:


Retire from current firm and practice in their own firm, as a sole practitioner, or as a LPA, LLC, or LLP, as permitted by Gov. Bar R. III. Legal Professional Association Authorized to Practice Law, whether the attorney is full-time or part-time:

    • ​Must maintain Active Attorney Registration Status
    • ​Apply to OBLIC for coverage for new firm entity


Retire from current firm and become “Of Counsel”:


Retire and cease the practice of law:


Provide limited legal service to pro bono organization recognized by Ohio Supreme Court:


Permanently retire or resign from the practice of law:


Whatever option the attorney selects, they should work with their OBLIC Underwriter to determine the malpractice insurance available.  If the attorney is taking Inactive Status, ALL active cases must be concluded while the attorney still has Active Status, with a current policy in effect. Discuss with your OBLIC Underwriter the timing of your inactive status and eligibility for purchasing “Tail” or An Extended Reporting Endorsement.  We are happy to further address any questions.  We’re here to help!

Gretchen Mote, Esq
Director of Loss Prevention

Monica Waller, Esq.
Senior Loss Prevention Counsel