Policyholder Spotlight

With a desire to showcase positive stories, we asked our policyholders a few simple questions.
Why did you become an attorney? What do you most treasure about your career as an attorney?
Your proudest moment or accomplishment as an attorney?

The response has been incredible. Enjoy.
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Policyholder Spotlight: Dick Brubaker

There are many reasons someone would consider becoming an attorney, for Dick Brubaker, he was seeking out a career that would combine critical thinking with the ability to help others – and throughout his extensive career, that’s exactly what he has done.

One of Dick’s proudest moments as an attorney was his work representing the estate administration of a deceased client who was an expat residing in Fiesole, Italy. This work involved multiple trips and extended stays in Italy in order to orchestrate the disposition of a villa and hundreds of pieces of artwork located there. While in Italy, Dick was fortunate to have the help of numerous Italian and Swiss professionals and laypersons to help him in this work and whose advice and friendship were priceless.

Dick’s experience in Italy showed just how mobile and unique the law profession can be. When asked if he would do anything differently throughout his career as an attorney, there’s nothing that he would change. “I am a happy camper,” Dick says.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Policyholder Spotlight: Joseph T. Svete

“There are very few professions that can positively impact daily lives and influence society more than the legal profession. That is why I became a lawyer.”

Former OSBA President, Joseph T. Svete, became an attorney solely for the reason to help and assist others. He derives satisfaction knowing that he is able to provide advice and legal services to successfully defend or assert a client’s cause.

While Joe enjoys the day-to-day of assisting clients and positively influencing society, his proudest accomplishment as an attorney was serving as the President of the OSBA. The experience provided him with a greater awareness of the importance of the profession and the dedication of attorneys providing legal needs to their clients.

We are pleased, and will continue to shine a light upon attorneys like Joseph T. Svete, who serve their community and the state of Ohio. Thank you for your dedication, Joe!