We are dedicated to protecting
Ohio lawyers and their clients.

With decades of experience dating back to 1979, OBLIC protects more Ohio attorneys than any of its competitors. Our company is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., a nationally recognized insurance rating service.

Competitive Pricing
  • Claims-free
    up to 30%

  • Ohio Bar College
    Members receive
    15% discount*

  • Flexible
    payments options

  • Area of Practice
    and firm size
    discounts available*

Certified Specialists and/or attorneys who obtain a total of 5 or more hours of Professional Conduct credit within 24 months preceding their policy effective date, receive 15% discount, up to $300 for full-time and $125 for part-time practitioners

*Full-time policies only
Customer service is our thing.

Our stability and competitive pricing wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t have superior customer service to back it up. At OBLIC, providing a phenomenal customer experience isn’t just one of our priorities, it’s our top priority.

We demonstrate our top-rated customer service by providing the following:

  • All company personnel located in Columbus, Ohio, providing direct access to policyholders

  • Loss prevention materials, applications and policy forms available here

  • Regularly issued loss prevention email alerts including the “Malpractice Alert

  • Claims Department staffed by experienced attorneys

  • Long standing relationship with numerous, well-respected, experienced Ohio Defense Counsel

  • Support provided to OSBA, OLAP, and other organizations devoted to the success of Ohio attorneys

What our policyholders say matters most.

"I so appreciate OBLIC! I wish I’d found you much earlier in my practice. It changes everything when my professional liability carrier is a partner with me in helping me provide legal services to my clients and avoid any claim being filed against me. I want you to know that your organization has changed my whole attitude about my professional liability insurance provider. You treat your customers with respect and professionalism. You have really made me feel that we are a team in an effort to provide effective, professional legal services. With my prior insurance providers, I always felt we were adversaries. Ohio attorneys are fortunate to have you!"
Amy S. Boland
Attorney at Law
"Our firm works with Angie Poe at OBLIC on a regular basis. We’ve been fortunate to have client and steady staff growth and as a result, I am in contact with Angie frequently to add new attorneys to our policy. Angie always responds the same day and provides me everything I need the first time around. I really appreciate this and she makes my job easy! I’ve also gotten great educational information from OBLIC when we’ve had questions. I would recommend OBLIC to any law firm or attorney without hesitation."
Rachel Parisi
Ledbetter Parisi LLC
"I switched to OBLIC insurance two years ago after obtaining coverage with my former professional liability carrier became more complicated and increasingly expensive each year. It felt like my former carrier was doing everything they could not to insure me, and I worried about how that would translate if I ever needed to make a claim. I contacted OBLIC and filled out the application and received a quotation for approximately one-half the cost of my then current policy! This year the renewal process took me only a couple of hours and I received an additional discount for my CLE courses. The professional liability coverage process is now easier and less expensive, and I feel more confident with OBLIC as my provider."
Wendy L. Weiss
Law Offices of Wendy Weiss
"As a long-time policyholder with OBLIC, our firm has always received great service related to our professional liability insurance. The annual premium review process has been streamlined and we receive our quotation in a timely manner. As changes occur during the policy period, the staff is responsive and helpful in completing those changes to our policy. When a claim arises periodically, OBLIC provides prompt and professional assistance. Thanks"
Michael Gutmann
McCulloch, Felger, Fite & Gutmann Co., LPA
"I have had my health insurance through OBLIC since 2014 and my professional liability insurance through them since 2015. Danna Blackburn, my agent, usually responds to any questions I have on the same day, if not the same hour. The information she gives is thorough and clear. Further, the Medical Mutual network is very broad and they are very efficient in paying claims. Further, OBLIC sends frequent alerts regarding changes in the law and opinions from the Supreme Court or Board of Professional Conduct relating to ethical issues. I recommend OBLIC highly to everyone."
Tom Ruwe
Attorney at Law
"Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the help I received this morning (several times) from Dylan Gray. He was able to answer all the questions I asked and was more of an expert than either I am (or my boss for that matter). It was nice to be put in the hands of someone so knowledgeable; and someone who assisted me with the utmost patience and courtesy. My only hope is that he is still with you next year at this same time, when I’m sure I will be going through the same ordeal and time crunch that I was today. It really made my job EASY. Again, my compliments to OBLIC for hiring such a talented young man."
Sheila Dawson
Kehoe & Associates, LLC
"You and OBLIC have been great to me. You never sound rushed. You always know the answers to my questions. The few times I have had coverage questions you are right there and know what you are doing. I really appreciate the professional, courteous and competent service I always receive from you. If it is possible, please let everyone at OBLIC know that all of you are the greatest and I am very pleased to know you are always there for me. You all give me one less thing to worry about. Happy New Year to you all."
Christopher Pfendler
Attorney at Law
"OBLIC not only provides great malpractice insurance at a great price, but the service I have received from them is exceptional. I never have to wait/hold for a representative, and, unlike many other companies I deal with, when I need to get in touch with my assigned agent, she is always available or gets back to me that same day. OBLIC makes me feel like a valued customer, which is very much appreciated. Also, my firm greatly benefits from the discounts we receive. Great company, great people, A+!"
Brad Ligibel
Stevens & Showalter LLP
"I’ve worked with the Ohio State Bar Insurance Agency and Danna Blackburn for my family’s health insurance coverage for the past several years. In the dynamic and turbulent healthcare environment we are all experiencing, it helps to have a steady and responsive hand on the tiller. Danna and Tammy, (deserve a shout out), have navigated us through two health plan changes, one of which involved a COBRA snafu that took considerable effort to resolve. They were indefatigable, and ultimately, we crossed the bar and reached the beach! I also maintain my professional liability insurance coverage with OBLIC through the Agency and am well satisfied in that regard also."
Robert Clark Neff Jr.
The Neff Law Firm
"As a new law firm, we were unsure of the process for obtaining malpractice insurance. From our first meeting with Gretchen (who was more than willing to explain many new things to us about owning our own firm), we felt at ease with OBLIC. The entire process was explained to us in great detail and we felt comfortable with the policy we chose. The professional discounts afforded were greatly appreciated and make our policy affordable and something we know we can depend on. I would recommend OBLIC for all lawyers! Thanks so much."
Katherine Brewer
Wood & Brewer, LLC
“OBLIC offers very competitive rates and excellent service. The agent I worked with promptly and fully answered all of my questions and worked efficiently to get my policy in effect within just a few days of my contacting her. She also volunteered information about available discounts that helped me get the best rate I could find on similar coverage.”
Ronda Shamansky
Attorney at Law
“As a trial attorney often asked to defend legal malpractice claims by a wide variety of carriers, when working with OBLIC a significant difference I notice is the quality of the OBLIC claims attorneys. They are more involved and have a knowledge base superior to claims representatives for other insurance companies. Plus, there is a true focus on the insured lawyers and what they want. As a result, the resolution of claims is usually very favorable. Consequently, the lawyers OBLIC insures benefit greatly from this expertise and customer focus.”
OBLIC Defense Attorney