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OBLIC’s policyholders are extremely loyal and express high appreciation for the quality of our claims service. Claims are processed by long-tenured attorneys from start to finish. OBLIC has a history of offering loss control seminars in partnership with the Solo, Small Firms & General Practice Section of the OSBA. We also provide policyholders with loss prevention, coverage and malpractice alert emails plus other literature pertinent to loss control (such as free copies of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct).

Reporting a Claim

In the event any policyholder directly or indirectly becomes involved in any situation which any policyholder believes may result in a “Claim” against any policyholder, that policyholder should immediately report it in writing to an OBLIC Claims representative.

All “Claims” must be reported in writing by mail, hand delivery to the Company, or by facsimile
transmission the receipt of which is confirmed by the Company in writing. Telephone notice and/or e-mail is NOT sufficient to constitute notice under the Policy.

Claims faq

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about claims. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us to ask us about it.

What is a Claims-Made and Reported Policy?

“Claims-Made and Reported” insurance is a policy under which the insurance company is responsible for the
defense and payment of those claims first made against the policyholder and reported to the insurer during the period when the policy is in effect.

How do I report a claim?

Upon the Insured’s becoming aware of any acts, errors, or omissions which would reasonably be expected to be the basis of a “Claim” or suit covered hereby, including any request for tolling of the statute of limitations period, written notice shall be given by or on behalf of the Insured to the Company or any of its authorized agents as soon as practicable, together with the fullest information obtainable.

Do I report a claim even though there has not yet been a demand for money or services?

Yes, by policy definition, this must be reported to the company in a renewal application if not before. See your policies definitions for the definition of a claim.

Should I report something that I don’t think is covered?

Yes. It is best to let the claim professionals at OBLIC determine coverage. If you fail to report a claim in a timely manner, coverage could be jeopardized.

Should I report a claim that appears to be within policy deductible?

Yes. The full amount of the claim might not be readily ascertainable. Late reporting could jeopardize coverage for the claim.

What type of payment does the deductible apply to?

The deductible applies to payments made to a claimant, as well as to legal fees and expenses incurred in defending a claim. Please refer to the policy, or contact OBLIC with any questions regarding the policy deductible.

Should I advise my client about a mistake I discover?

Yes. You should contact OBLIC immediately; if possible, prior to discussing the situation with the client. You should also consult the Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct.

Should I advise my client to retain new counsel?

Contact OBLIC’s Claims or Loss Prevention department regarding potential conflicts of interest.

Can I continue to represent my client after I discover I have made an error?

Contact OBLIC’s Claims or Loss Prevention department regarding potential conflicts of interest.

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J. S.
“I was very pleased at how quickly OBLIC stepped in to protect me.”
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