You've got questions, we've got answers.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about our policies. We also have additional FAQ specifically pertaining to claims located on our Claims page. If you cannot find the specific question and answer you’re looking for, please contact us.

How long will it take to get my quote once I have submitted my application?

Our underwriting department will contact you within 24-72 business hours of receipt of your application. At that time they will make a request for any missing information or they will issue your quote.

I am just starting my own law office and do not have any office systems in place yet. How should I respond to the questions on the application?

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. If your answers do not satisfy OBLIC’s Underwriting requirements, our underwriting department will contact you with suggestions for things you can do to meet the requirements.

Do I have to use computer software office systems to be insured with OBLIC?

We do not require the use of any specific computer software systems; however, we do require that certain office and risk management procedures are used in order to reduce the risk of malpractice. Underwriting will notify you if you are not meeting our requirements.

What date can I make the policy effective?

The policy can be effective the day OBLIC receives your application or later. We are unable to backdate coverage.

What do I need to send in to get a policy issued?

In order to get your policy issued, you must send all information requested by Underwriting, a copy of the quote acceptance form for the quote you chose, and any endorsements we sent you that require signature.

When do I receive a copy of my policy?

OBLIC will email or mail your policy when all Underwriting requirements have been satisfied and your quote acceptance form has been received. Policies are generally emailed or mailed within two weeks of receipt of your quote acceptance form.

Who do I contact with my billing or invoice questions?

If you have any billing questions or have misplaced your invoice, please call and ask for our Billing Department at 800-227-4111 and they will assist you.

How do I make a premium or deductible payment?

Whether you opted-in or opted-out of email notifications, you can pay your invoice online or by mail.

  • Make a payment online by clicking here.

Credit Card, Debit Card, or ACH.

  • Make a payment by mail:

Make personal check or money order payable to OBLIC. Send to OBLIC, PO Box 2708, Columbus, Ohio 43216-2708.

Is my payment accepted immediately?

Online payment: Posted immediately.
Mailed payment: Posted on OBLIC’s received date.

How long after I return my accepted quote will I receive an invoice?

In approximately 24 hours after your policy is converted you will receive an email notification from [email protected] or an invoice will be mailed USPS depending on your delivery preference.

How am I notified if a deductible is due?

You will receive an email notification from [email protected] or an invoice will be mailed USPS depending on your delivery preference.

Is there a fee for the payment plan?

There is no fee or finance charge for the payment plan, however, we do require a $5 convenience fee for every online payment.

What happens if I make a late payment?

A $25 fee will be assessed for payments received after the due date.

Am I eligible for the payment plan?

Your premium invoice will spell out your payment options. Most policyholders will be eligible to utilize the installment payment option unless there has been an unacceptable payment history.

Can I make a one-time online payment or do I have to set up an account?

You will have the option to do either. We encourage policy holders to set up an account so they may have full access to view all billing transactions and invoices.

What are my payment options?

Pay in full or five equal installments. Deductibles must be paid in full.

If I am on the payment plan, can I pay it off early?

Yes, you may pay any amount between the minimum amount due and full premium due. Any payment over the minimum will be credited to the next invoice.

What is “Prior Acts” Coverage?

Under OBLIC’s policy, prior acts are covered subject to some qualifications. If an act, error or omission causing a claim occurred prior to the effective date of the current policy, the insured had no prior knowledge, and the claim is made and reported to OBLIC during the current policy term, there is coverage so long as there is no other collectible insurance available. Additionally, the person or entity must have been insured on a “Claims-Made and Reported” basis prior to the effective date of the current policy when the act, error or omission occurred.

What is “Tail” or “Extended Reporting” Coverage?

A policy option that provides insurance protection for any claim first made subsequent to the termination date of the captioned policy for any act, error or omission occurring prior to the termination of the policy, and otherwise covered by the policy. There are four different “reporting period” lengths to choose from; one year, two years, three years, or unlimited years.

If the policy is cancelled what happens to coverage?

The Named Insured has the option of purchasing an extension of coverage so that the reporting period for claims is extended as if the insured had ceased private practice or retired, unless the policy is cancelled for non-payment of a premium or deductible amount owed.

If the Named Insured ceases private practice or retires does the policy in effect prior to retirement provide coverage?

The policy provides an option to purchase an extension of coverage so that the reporting period for claims is extended. If this option is not purchased, coverage ceases as of the expiration date of the policy.

Do you offer coverage for title insurance work?

Yes; however, this coverage is subject to applicant eligibility.

Who do I call if I have questions about my policy?

General questions can be addressed by any member of our staff. Questions relating to claims, coverage, or billing, will be directed to the appropriate department upon receipt of your call.

What if I delete an attorney or cancel my policy?

Your pro-rata return will be applied to any outstanding balance and a refund check will be issued or a revised invoice will be adjusted at the next billing cycle.

What if I add an attorney?

If you are on the payment plan, a revised invoice will be issued at the next billing cycle.

If I am a solo attorney, who can be a “backup” person for me to be responsible for my practice if I am suddenly absent from my office for a length of time?

This person can be an attorney who has knowledge of your office and its systems. The person listed in response to this question would not be asked to step into your shoes and represent your clients. Rather, in the event of your prolonged absence or debility, it would be someone who would be able to look at your calendar/docket and make the appropriate contacts to continue litigated matters, re-schedule appointments and defer responses where no statute is involved but there is a deadline. In other words, this would be a person who could satisfy the requirement noted in Gov Bar Rule V Sec 8 (F).

How do I notify you of changes within the firm such as adding a new attorney to my policy, address changes or firm name changes?

Any changes to the policy should be sent to us in writing via e-mail, fax, or regular mail. Any additional information needed to make the change will be requested by Underwriting. Before sending in your change request, please download and complete any applicable forms (i.e. Additional Attorney Application, Deletion of Attorney form, etc.) from our Policy Forms page. Please be sure to indicate the exact date you would like the change to be made.

Do I need to notify OBLIC if I hire a law clerk, paralegal or legal secretary?

There is no need to notify OBLIC as long as the law clerk, paralegal, or legal secretary is not a licensed attorney. If they are a licensed attorney, please contact an OBLIC Underwriter.

Do I need to notify OBLIC of changes in my areas of practice?

It is not necessary to notify OBLIC of changes to your areas of practice mid-term. Minor changes can be made upon the renewal of your policy. Only notify OBLIC of changes to your area of practice if those changes significantly change your practice. It is best to contact an OBLIC representative if you have questions or are uncertain of the impact of the change on your practice.

Can I change policy limits mid-term?

Yes. Please send a written request to change your policy limits. In this request you should include the desired limits, the reason for the change, and the desired effective date of the change.

Can I cancel my policy mid-term?

Yes. Please send a written request to cancel the policy. In this request you should include the cancellation date and the specific reason for the cancellation.

When I add or delete an attorney during the policy year how it is invoiced or credited?

When adding or deleting an attorney during the policy year, the premium will be adjusted to reflect the change. This is typically done by pro-rating the amount from the effective date to the end of the policy year. Unearned premium will be returned to you, and additional premium due will be requested by invoice.

How do I change my Loss Prevention password?
  2. Enter your previously used Username and Password and then click Log In
  3. After successful login, the screen will refresh and display Manage Account. Click on
  4. Manage Account to change your password.
  5. If you forgot your password, an error will appear with a “Lost your password?” link to guide you through resetting the password.