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Just Suppose Someone Files a Grievance Against You…

Article: February 6, 2015  |  Law StudentsMalpractice Alerts

Just Suppose Someone Files a Grievance Against You…

By George D. Jonson

Filing a grievance against a lawyer is easy.  A grievance can be filed by anyone –

  • a client,
  • another lawyer,
  • a judge, or
  • a neighbor who is mad about the way you cut your grass.

Instructions on how to file a grievance can be found on the Ohio Supreme Court’s website, along with a complaint form. The form prompts

  • a description of the situation,
  • identity of witnesses,
  • the relief sought, and
  • supporting documents.

A grievance against a lawyer can be submitted to and investigated by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC), the certified grievance committee of a local bar association or the OSBA (collectively referred to here as a Disciplinary Authority). No matter which Disciplinary Authority receives the grievance, it is handled in the same way.

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