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Post on January 8th, 2016

OBLIC and the OSBA recently partnered during the OSBA Fall District Meetings to present a 2.5 hour professional conduct CLE, Using “Best Practices” to Enhance Your Law Practice, featuring OBLIC Director of Loss Prevention Gretchen Mote.

This presentation examined how lawyers attract and retain clients, and provided helpful hints to improve the attorney/client relationship from start to finish.  Applicable Rules of Professional Conduct were discussed in the context of “real life” examples.  This presentation will also be presented at the OSBA Spring District Meetings.

  • Reminder:

OBLIC policyholders may apply for an additional OBLIC premium discount if they obtain 5 hours of professional conduct credit within the 24 months immediately preceding their policy effective date.  These District Meeting CLE’s are great opportunities to enhance your practice AND earn an additional premium discount.

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