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Post on January 20th, 2019

As noted in the Ransomware Training Guide in the OBLIC Cyber “Toolbox”, ransomware attacks are now one of the most popular cyber attacks.  Ransomware uses encryption to lock the victim’s files and hold them hostage until the attackers’ demands are paid.

The best defense to ransomware is your backup.  For computer systems that have adequate back up, the threat from ransomware or other cyberattacks isn’t an irrevocable problem.  Be sure all your systems use an automatic back up for all your data.  You will want to store duplicates of the back up in several locations, so that a physical attack on one location cannot destroy the only back up.  As another option, follow the procedures for using secured cloud storage for your data.

Additional steps to foil ransomware attacks are:

Installing updates.  ALWAYS install the latest updates to your system as soon as you receive legitimate messages from your operating system.  For additional information, see Microsoft Updates.

Using antivirus software.  Keep current antivirus software installed on your systems.  Antivirus programs are constantly being updated to try to catch new ransomware, worms and viruses. Keeping your antivirus up to date is a good first line of defense against cyberattacks.

Never opening any email from an entity you do not know!  If you are not sure, DON’T open it!  If you do open a phishing scam email or a ransomware message appears on your computer, contact OBLIC for assistance under the cyber coverage provided under your OBLIC policy.