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OBLIC IT System Update
Post on April 1st, 2011

As some policyholders are aware, OBLIC’s usual time-line in renewing policies has been shortened due to continuing challenges with implementation of a complex new information technology platform. Our staff has continued to work to bring the processing of applications closer to our usual standards in terms of timing of renewal mailings, and quoting renewal coverage. If a period of time elapses between the expiration date of existing coverage, and finalization of the quoting process due to delays by OBLIC in getting information processed, there will be no gap in coverage between the expiration date and the date payment for renewed coverage is received. Ordinarily, coverage can be provided without any “gap” in coverage for up to 30 days following the expiration date, in most cases.

One suggestion to assist OBLIC in timely processing is to return renewal applications to OBLIC as quickly as possible. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated!