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Exposures Arising from COVID-19 Opportunists
Post on March 20th, 2020

Cybercriminals are always look for opportunities to capitalize on global events, especially high-profile ones like COVID-19. These criminals use the fear and uncertainty surrounding such events to spread misinformation as well as trick users into sharing sensitive data. Thus, it’s important during this situation for us to remain vigilant in our personal and professional digital lives.

  • Do not open or respond to any emails or email senders you do not recognize or that look odd or suspicious. When in doubt, contact the sender directly using another form of communication (via phone).
  • Do not open or click on any email attachments from senders you do not trust or recognize, especially if the email is related to COVID-19.


  • Visit health or medical websites directly. Hackers often create fake web addresses that take users to realistic-looking, but fake, web pages.
  • Be wary of “news” websites or emails talking about cures, vaccines, or other items specifically relating to COVID-19.


  • Be cautious of text messages (SMS), WhatsApp, and/or Facebook messages that request sensitive or personal information, or involve medical issues or COVID-19 specifically.
  • Be suspicious of calls you receive from your doctor, medial insurance companies, or medical professionals. When in doubt, verify the phone number and/or hang up and call your doctor, insurance provider, or medical facility directly.


OBLIC includes a Data Breach Endorsement, in partnership with Tokio Marine HCC, on all current LPL policies. If you are transitioning to work-from-home or other remote access options, you may be carrying an increased cyber exposure. These events are an opportunity to make sure your complimentary data breach coverage sufficiently matches your exposure. Contact Tammy ThorntonDanna Blackburn and Rick Creel with the OSBA Insurance Agency to discuss the affordable options available for your cyber exposures.

OBLIC thanks Astute Technology Management for the cyber information and tips above!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at OBLIC.
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Director of Loss Prevention
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