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Post on August 29th, 2017

Two of the many CLE’s offered by the Ohio State Bar Association stand out as “don’t miss” seminars.

For probate and estate planning attorneys, the Marvin R. Pliskin Advanced Probate and Estate Planning Seminar offers 6.50 hours of CLE credit, including 1 hour of professional conduct credit, on September 15, 2017 at the Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center.

Click here to register.

For all attorneys looking for comprehensive planning tools, Succession Planning: Steps to Successfully Transition Your Practice will provide 6.00 hours of CLE, including 2 hours of professional conduct credit, at the Ohio State Bar Association building on September 18, 2017.  Click here to register for this seminar.

Remember, OBLIC gives our policyholders a CLE premium credit for 5 hours of professional conduct credit earned within the 24 months immediately preceeding the policy effective date.  If you are an attorney whose last name begins with a letter from A through L, you must complete your 24 hours of CLE credit hours required by Rule X by December 31, 2017.

If you have any questions about this or any other loss prevention topic, please contact:

Gretchen Koehler Mote, Esq.,

Director of Loss Prevention
Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company
Direct Phone Line: 614.572.0620