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Post on September 12th, 2019
The Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) and Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company (OBLIC) are proud to announce that OBLIC is now administering the Ohio Bar College program.
The main objective of the Ohio Bar College is to provide recognition for those lawyers and judges who have exceeded the required hours of continuing legal education by earning 24 hours of CLE in one calendar year.
With the new flexible options of achieving CLE through Live Interactive Webinars that was recently approved by the Ohio Supreme Court, it is now even easier to meet the requirements of the Ohio Bar College!
We have recently added a dedicated web page for this
program on our new website at Ohio Bar College.
The website enables Ohio Bar College applicants to apply for membership online and to learn more about the Ohio Bar College membership requirements and benefits.
In addition to the recognition of the achievement of qualifying for the Ohio Bar College, OBLIC insureds also receive a 15% discount on OBLIC insurance policies (Full-time policies only).
Please visit the Ohio Bar College website for more information.
Steve Couch
President and CEO