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Did you “Put the check in the mail?”
Post on November 23rd, 2021

Just like many of you, we have gotten very frustrated with the US Postal Service and the length of time it takes to deliver or receive mail, with too many instances of mail completely lost and never delivered.  We have encountered countless problems caused by the USPS, impacting the timeliness of applications, payments, etc.

Accordingly, we highly encourage all of our policyholders to take advantage of our online processes through our OBLIC website, including online applications (new and renewal) and online payments of premiums and deductibles.  These simple to use tools are safe, secure, and importantly, much, much faster and reliable than relying on mail service.  If you have questions, just give us a call, as we would love to talk with you!

Our thanks to you for trusting OBLIC with your malpractice coverage.  All of us at OBLIC wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gretchen Mote, Esq
Director of Loss Prevention
Direct:  614-572-0620
Email: [email protected]
Monica Waller, Esq.
Senior Loss Prevention Counsel
Direct:  614-859-2978
Email: [email protected]