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Post on October 30th, 2023

OBLIC Loss Prevention & Ethics HOTLINE provides complementary loss prevention information and resources for OBLIC policyholders. If your inquiry requires special expertise or legal advice about a specific matter in ethics, we can set up an ethics consult with outside ethics counsel. In addition to the Ethics Hotline, our Loss Prevention team produces weekly articles on professional conduct and practice management and quarterly Malpractice Alert newsletters that share additional information on statutory changes, advisory opinions, and best practices. These resources are delivered straight to your inbox and available at OBLIC.com under the “Resources” tab.  

We think you’ll find these Frequently Asked Questions and OBLIC resources helpful: 

How long should I keep closed client files?  

Best Practices – Closed Client Files 

New Year Closed File Purge 

 How do I respond to a request for client files?  

Best Practices to Address Challenging Practice Situations – Request for Client File 

Board of Professional Conduct Opinions Address Practice Issues 

 Do I need to have a succession plan?  

What is “PMBR” and how does it affect me? 

Covering Short-term Absences  

What should I consider when planning to retire?  

Closing a Law Practice (Check List!) 

Hotline Questions – Retirement Registration Status 

Business Succession Planning:  Mapping Your Road to Retirement 

 When would I need “tail” coverage? 

 What you want to know about “tail” coverage 

 What does “Of Counsel” involve? 

Considering an “Of Counsel” Relationship 

Hotline Question: Simultaneous Employment 

I have questions about my firm name and letterhead – Can I practice under a trade name? 

Hotline Questions – Firm Names & Letterhead 

Ethical Considerations for Office Sharing 

Common Questions: Firm Names Following Amendment of Rule 7.5 

Can you assist with cyber security questions? 

Cyber Security Tips: Multi-factor Authentication and Password Management 

Cyber Security for Third-party Vendors 

Cybersecurity: Ransomware Threats 

Wire Transaction Fraud: Impact on All Areas of Practice  

Do you have some “Best Practices” tips to share? 

Do This One Thing to Reduce Your Risk  

Best Practices – Office Procedure Manual 

Probate Best Practice: Practice Tips to Avoid Malpractice Claims 

We welcome the opportunity to speak directly with you to discuss your questions. If you’re not sure whether to call see When to Call OBLIC. We’re here to help! 

Gretchen K. Mote, Esq.
Director of Loss Prevention
Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Co.
Direct:  614.572.0620
[email protected]
Merisa K. Bowers, Esq.
Loss Prevention Counsel
Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Co.
Direct:  614.859.2978
[email protected]


This information is made available solely for loss prevention purposes, which may include claim prevention techniques designed to minimize the likelihood of incurring a claim for legal malpractice. This information does not establish, report, or create the standard of care for attorneys. The material is not a complete analysis of the topic and should not be construed as providing legal advice. Please conduct your own appropriate legal research in this area. If you have questions about this email’s content and are an OBLIC policyholder, please contact us using the information above.